Why is my chocolate hard? Why won't it melt?

There are two main reasons why chocolate can stay hard/thick or won't melt:  One reason would be that water came into contact with the chocolate. Water causes chocolate to seize up and not re-melt. To avoid this, keep the chocolate away from water, keep double boiler to a simmer, not a boil and use an oil based food coloring.  Another reason your chocolate may not be melting could be that it is too hot or even burnt. Often times, people assume chocolate will melt faster on a high heat or for a long period of time in the microwave. Chocolate...

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"That chocolate has white stuff all over it. Is it bad?"

chocolate bloom

  Over time, chocolate will 'bloom'. Blooming is characterized with a white dust-like coating over the chocolate. Should you find this on your chocolate you have stored in your pantry, it does not mean it is no good. This characteristic simply means that the chocolate experienced temperature changes. The white you see is the cocoa butter rising to the surface. When you warm up the chocolate again to melt, the cocoa butter gets sucked right back into the center and will dry and harden without any trace of the white. Oh, and yes there is no taste difference and it...

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Sticky fondant?

cake help! help with fondant

How to keep fondant from sticking -    Have you ever watched cake boss and they are making a cake with fondant? Or, maybe a Youtube tutorial on fondant? Chances are, when the fondant gets too sticky they will recommend using corn starch or sometimes even powdered sugar. Here in New Mexico it is so dry that using these will cause your fondant to crack or fall apart. Instead of a powder, use a shorten such as Crisco; coat your hands, surface, and rolling pin to avoid a sticky situation. If you are using silicone molds, play with a combination...

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Knowledge - Why did my cake fall in the middle?

cake help!

A lot of times the middle of a cake can fall and is due to a temperature change. If your cake is baking, and you open the door or move the pan too much the cake can 'separate from itself' and fall. Another reason can be over beating. Incorporating too much air in the batter can cause it to sink when baking. Lastly, make sure your cake rack is positioned in the center, unless your recipe specifies otherwise

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Knowledge - How long does fondant last?

Once opened, fondant will stay soft 2-3 weeks. If you have any left over, wrap it in two layers of plastic wrap and then in foil. Store it in the original or air-tight container.

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