Why is my chocolate hard? Why won't it melt?

There are two main reasons why chocolate can stay hard/thick or won't melt: 
  1. One reason would be that water came into contact with the chocolate. Water causes chocolate to seize up ant not re-melt. To avoid this, keep the chocolate away from water, keep double boiler to a simmer, not a boil and use an oil based food coloring. 
  2. Another reason your chocolate may not be melting could be that it is too hot or even burnt. Often times, people assume chocolate will melt faster on a high heat or for a long period of time in the microwave. Chocolate needs to melt at a lower temperature in order to stay the perfect consistency. To avoid this, keep heat in a double boiler on medium- low heat. In the microwave, heat at 15-20 seconds increments, stirring in between each session until completely melted. if this still occurs, thicker chocolate coatings (such as superwhite, orange, red, and dark green) can be thinned with paramount crystals. Burnt chocolate will not re-melt, ever. If you try you will have a hard time getting the smell out of your house. 

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