White Chocolate Ganache Frosting Two Ways!



3 cups of white or super white chocolate

1 ½ cups of heavy cream

Make it!

Measure out your chocolate and pour into a mixing bowl

Heat the heavy cream over the stove just until it simmers

Remove immediately from the heat and pour directly over the chocolate

Let sit about 2 minutes and stir chocolate and heavy cream together until smooth and lump free


Method One: Let cool slightly and you can pour the ganache over your cake. It will drizzle down the sides like a glaze

Method Two: Leave the ganache at room temperature to cool completely then pour into a mixing bowl and using either a hand or stand mixer, whip the ganache for a short time (approx. 2-4 minutes) until it comes close to the consistency of buttercream.

DON’T OVER WHIP! Keep a close eye as it whips because if it is whipped for too long, you will be left with curdled butter.

You can pipe and spread the ganache using this method.

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