Calibrating your temperature for making candy

Whenever making cooked candy you must calibrate your thermometer to adjust for your altitude and atmospheric conditions. 

  1. Place your thermometer in a pot of water and bring the water to a slow rolling boil. Allow the temperature to stabilize and read the thermometer. 
  2. Subtract your temperature reading from 212 F (the boiling point of water at sea level). The difference you get after subtracting is your correction measure. 
  3. Subtract your correction measure from the recipe temperature to get the correct temperature to cook your candy to. 

EXAMPLE: If your thermometer registers 200 F in boiling water, after subtracting from 212 F your correction measure is 12 F. Now, if you recipe calls for 290 F, you should cook your candy to 278 F (290 - 12 = 278 F)


Follow this simple procedure every time you make cooked candy for perfect results every time. 

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