Glitter Bomb Cupcakes

Glitter bomb cupcakes are an amazing gift for any special occasion, especially Valentine’s Day. They sparkle and shine and they’re delicious too! However, it will be hard to bite into this sweet treat because they are so cool to look at. Here’s how to make them:

You will need:

  • cupcake pan(s)
  • any flavor of cake batter (you can use our easy, high altitude cake mixes, your favorite cupcake liners)
  • a large plain tip
  • piping bags
  • medium size mixing bowl
  • spoons or ice cream scoop
  • our ready made buttercream frosting
  • fairy dust
  • sanding sugar and
  • food coloring to match the color of the dust.

First, line your cupcake pan with the cupcake liners and set aside. Next, pre-heat your oven to the indicated temperature on the packaging and follow the instructions step by step to mix the batter. Now that the batter is combined, using your spoon or scoop to pour batter into each slot lined with the cupcake liners until it is just over half way full. Make sure to clean off any extra batter that has dropped on the sides or in between the slots of the pan. After you have filled up the pan, place it in the oven to bake for the time instructed. Once the cupcakes are baked, pop them out and allow them to cool on a clean surface.

Meanwhile, in a mixing bowl, mix together the buttercream and food coloring until they are incorporated and look similar in color to your sugar and fairy dust and set aside. Just evenly separate the buttercream and repeat this step in different mixing bowls if you want to use more than one color. Also remember to start with a small amount of food coloring and add more as you go. It is easy to darken the frosting but difficult and sometimes impossible to lighten a frosting that has too much coloring. Then set up your piping bag with the tip and fill the bag with the colored buttercream. Push the buttercream down towards the tip to release air bubbles and twist the end of the bag to make sure it doesn’t come out of the back while you pipe on your cupcakes.

Next, in a separate bowl, pour in your sanding sugar and fairy dust and mix well with a spoon.

Now you we are ready to decorate! Starting at the outer edge of the cupcake working inwards, pipe in a swirling motion until you get something similar to an ice cream dip cone. Repeat this swirl on all of your cupcakes. Set aside or in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes for the buttercream to set. After the buttercream is set and you have pulled your cupcakes out of the refrigerator, you can apply the sugar and dust mixture. There are two different ways to apply the mixture: you can spoon the mixture over until it is covered or you can very gently dip and roll the cupcake onto mixture to coat it. After are your cupcakes are sparkling and beautiful, you can place them on a board to display or into one of our handy boxes with cupcake inserts if you have to travel with them.

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