Pot of Gold Cake Pops

Pot of Gold Cake Pops

What you need:

  • One of our easy, just add water cake mixes (Choose the flavor and size you desire and just follow the package instructions)
  • 1lb readymade But-R-crème
  • Mercken’s black chocolate
  • Gold course sugar
  • Cake pan of desired shape
  • Mixing bowls
  • Whisks
  • Spoons
  • Fork
  • Sucker sticks
  • Wax or parchment paper
  • Cake board
  • Cake pop stand (or make your own!)


How to make it!

Grease your cake pan and follow the instructions on the cake mix package and bake. If you would like to add a pop to your pop (pun intended) add food coloring to the batter before you pour it into your pan. Once baked, remove from oven and allow cake to cool completely.

Place your parchment or wax paper over the cake board and set aside. *Extra Tip- you can tape your paper down to the board to keep it from sliding around.

When the cake has cooled, pop it out into a mixing bowl and start to break up with a fork until it is all crumbled down. Make sure there are no big clumps. Now you can add the But-R-Crème. Usually one cake mix can use up to ¾ cup of frosting, however we suggest that you start with adding small amounts and mixing in between. You should be looking for a dough like consistency similar to that of sugar cookie dough.

Once you have the proper consistency, roll table spoon sizes of dough in your hands until it takes the shape of a ball and place on the board and paper.

Pour your chocolate into a microwave safe mixing bowl and place into the microwave for 30 second increments until chocolate is smooth and runny. Stir in between each 30 seconds.

Next take your sucker sticks and dip one end, about half of an inch, into the melted chocolate and then stick the same end into the cake ball. Repeat until all cake balls have a stick and place pops in the freezer for 5 minutes.

After the 5 minutes, pull out the pops and dip into the chocolate. Place back onto the parchment/wax paper pop side down. Let the excess chocolate pool at the bottom to create a lip and flat edge. Once you have done this with all the cake pops, place back into the freezer for another 3-5 minutes. Keep the extra chocolate out. (You might have to re-melt your chocolate. Simply place into the microwave for an additional 30 seconds when you see it crusting on the sides of your bowl. Don’t forget to stir)

Once you pull the pops out of the freezer, have your cake pop stand ready. Then gently peel each pop off the paper and using a spoon and a small amount of chocolate, drizzle a very small amount onto the flat surface of the cake pop. Next, sprinkle some of the gold course sugar over the same area so it can stick to the chocolate. Repeat and place into the cake pop stand one by one as you decorate. Let them set up for a few minutes and enjoy!  

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