Watermelon Cake

Watermelon Cake

Tools and ingredients:

3- 8” Pans (or just bake 3 cakes if you only have 1 pan)

1- 8” Contour Pan

Serrated knife

Fondant smoother

Ball tool

White fondant

Chocolate chips

Red and electric pink food coloring

Light green and dark green food coloring

Ivory food coloring

Clear vanilla or clear rum (vodka will work however, it will leave a slight after taste)

White Buttercream

Clean brushes


Make the Cake:

Follow your recipe or the instructions on the box/label to make the cake batter

Add the red and electric pink food coloring to your batter and mix well until the color is fully incorporated and the batter turns a bright electric red

Next, fold in ¼ cup of chocolate chips into your batter

Pour your batter into the 4 cake pans (including the contour pan) and bake as instructed on the recipe or box. (If you are only using one pan, drape a damp kitchen towel over your mixing bowl to keep the mixture fresh until you can pour the next batch into your pan)

While your cake is baking and cooling add the same amount of the red and pink food coloring to your buttercream so your frosting matches the color of your cake

After you cakes have cooled level each cake and fill it with the red butter cream. Then sprinkle chocolate chips over the buttercream and spread a second layer of buttercream

Place the second layer on top and repeat the previous step in between all your layers. Make sure to leave your rounded layer from the contour pan until last so that it sits on top

Next, crumb coat your cake and place it into the refrigerator to chill for about 20 minutes

Once chilled spread the final layer of frosting over the top. Remember to make this final layer of frosting as smooth as possible and place back into the fridge for another 10 to 15 minutes

Use this time to knead and roll out your white fondant. Your fondant should be large enough in diameter to lay over your cake and cover all of the sides.

Take your cake out of the refrigerator and lay your fondant over

Using your hand or a fondant smoother smooth your fondant around the top and sides of the cake and cut off any excess fondant at the bottom and store the extra in a zip lock or plastic wrap and set aside.

Now it’s time to paint!

Mix about a teaspoon of the lightest green and 4 to 5 drops of ivory food coloring with a cap full of your liquor or vanilla. The consistency should be runny.

Next, with a clean paint brush, begin painting your entire cake. Painting in one direction helps ensure even coverage of the cake. Once the cake is covered in the light green, deepen your paint mixture by adding some of the darker food coloring to the bowl and mix well.

Now that the color is a little darker, using the same brush paint little spots all over the cake using a dabbing motion. (I know your cakes looks like a cheetah watermelon but trust me…it’s going to look great!)

In a clean bowl, mix the darkest green with the liquor and paint thick stripes from top to bottom around your cake. Make the stripes look uneven and not uniformed by using the same dabbing motion. This will help make the cake look more realistic.

Almost there!

Take your ball tool and create a small indent (about the size of your tool) at the very top of your cake. This is where your watermelon cake’s stem will be. Now, use a small piece of the extra fondant and roll it into a ball. Use any paint on your brush to brush the inside of your indention and press the ball into the hole you have created and shape and give it texture to look more like a stem by using your ball tool.

Next using a small amount of ivory food coloring on your brush, paint it all over the stem area.

Allow cake to dry for a few minutes and enjoy!

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